Food Truck for the Physics Mind

If you are at the loading dock at Tri-Main Center, you might see an unusual truck parked there. The truck, the project of Tri-Main Center’s tenant, TeachSpin, was launched from our loading dock and returns for refreshing and reloading throughout the year.

This unique truck, the Food Truck for the Physics Mind, travels to college campuses to nourish students who are studying physics. 

 It provides hands-on experience for faculty, staff & students in more than 15 Advanced Physics Instruments. Designed specifically for inquiry-based learning, the physics truck’s instruments promote conceptual understanding and professional results while being accessible for students of all physics levels. Food Truck for the Physics Mind was the brainchild of educational specialists at TeachSpin Inc.

Students throughout the country have benefited from this initiative. The truck has traveled over 30,000 miles and to 42 campuses. Students and faculty have reported the valuable opportunities that TeachSpin and the Food Truck for the Physics Mind has provided for them.

Jonathan Reichert, founder: “I began TEACHSPIN in 1992 only intending to build an instrument that would make it possible for every college or university, no matter what the expertise of its faculty, to teach Pulsed NMR as a standard advanced laboratory experiment. In the process of building that first instrument, I discovered a mission. TeachSpin is dedicated to creating rugged, reliable, and affordable hands-on instruments that any physicist, no matter what his or her area of expertise, can incorporate into an advanced laboratory program. In addition to designing instruments from my own repertoire, we have developed exciting collaborations that have enabled TeachSpin to offer a broader range of experiments. 

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