Neglia Ballet Artists & Conservatory

Building World-Class Ballet in Buffalo

Neglia Ballet Artists is Western New York’s premier ballet company, offering all levels of ballet for youth and adult learners – from creative movement to body conditioning. The company attracts students and aspiring dancers from all over the world and aims to enrich the region’s cultural environment by building appreciation and support for the art of ballet.

“We love the idea there are a lot of arts groups in the building; they’re potential collaborators, students, and audience members. Plus, having the bright light and wide-open floor plan at Tri-Main matches our company vision.”

– Sergio Neglia, Founder and Artistic Director

Allongé Time Coming

After more than 20 years of success, the artists at Neglia lost the capacity to grow in their cramped, dilapidated, and closed-off studio space. The search for the perfect space commenced, but they couldn’t move just anywhere. They wanted an artistic space that was conducive to the artistry and traditions of ballet, and one that offered them the opportunity to carry out their vision and realize their future growth plans at a price they could afford.

“It is a move that is long overdue, We are worthy of space that is up to par with performances we produce with our incredibly talented students.”

– Heidi Halt, Neglia Executive Director 

A Perfectly Choreographed Solution

Tri-Main was in lock step with the dance company and offered the perfect solution with 7,500 square feet of bright and open space on the sixth floor of the complex, allowing Neglia to expand from a confined 6,000-square-foot space. Two restrictive adjoined studios and tightly shared office space turned into three brilliant full-size studios and new offices. New amenities debuted for dancers and visitors as part of the move to Tri-Main, including comfortable dressing rooms, a fitness and wellness room, and an improved reception and waiting area. And Tri-Main was on pointe each step of the way to ensure a successful opening of the new space.

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Our Mission

We have an unwavering commitment to the revitalization movement in Buffalo – and creating spaces that reflect the ingenuity and innovation of our community.

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