Tri-Main Center was recognized by Cantalician Center for commitment to the community and inclusion.

Diversity is an integral part of the Tri-Main community.
An excerpt from the award speech:

“The Cantalician Community Leader Award, the “CCL Award”, is a an award that was introduced last year that will be presented each year at our annual spring fundraising event, to a person or organization in the community who has gone above and beyond their role to ensure the Cantalician Center will continue to provide exceptional service, no exceptions for years to come…
“As a society, we’ve learned that we’re all better off when everyone is included in the opportunities of this great nation.” – Edward Kennedy
“In Matt Wolfe and the Tri-Main Development team, I found an answer to my question… An overwhelming YES. The community was ready for us. If I could, I would start a round of applause. The feeling of fellowship and belonging. The feeling of being a part of a community with others is evident at the Tri-Main (or the T as my friend Sean likes to call it) each and every day. They welcomed DLS (and I admit we put the Diverse in Diversified) with open arms. Their commitment to the success of our new business model has been paramount. Their ability to ride the wave of change as a committed partner has allowed DLS to grow at rates we never imagined possible. Matt and his team’s example of treating every employee at DLS as a valuable member of the Tri-Main community has been the catalyst for all the members of the Tri-Main community to embrace the CCL/DLS family as part of their commu community. We would like to thank you for your flexibility, your creative problem solving, your willingness to move our space and the move it again, and then change the door, and then maybe the window. Your openness to meeting our ever changing needs, and most importantly: your understanding that we’re all better off when everyone is included.
It is with great pleasure that I present the Cantalician Community Leader (CCL) Award to Matt Wolfe and Tri-Main Development. “