For 26 years we have been fortunate to have Dawn Russell creating the positive atmosphere tenants and staff enjoy at Tri-Main Center. It is with both delight at Dawn’s much deserved rest and sadness of her leaving, that we announce her retirement.

When Dawn came to Tri-Main Center, she entered a very large and mostly vacant building – the idea of repurposing an industrial building in Buffalo was still unknown. Dawn’s ethics, dedication and genuine care for each tenant’s needs has been monumental in the success of Tri-Main and in developing the culture of a center, not just a building. The shared sense of community we feel is in large part due to Dawn’s special way of welcoming and uplifting us all.

Dawn has taken great pride participating in events to support goodwill such as her youth summer reading program for over 10 years, and beautifying People’s Park. Her commitment to such projects exemplifies her invaluable contributions to Tri-Main as a community.

“Upon my arrival 15 years ago, I quickly learned that it was through Dawn’s example that our diverse and varied tenants looked out for each other and the building they work in. We have worked to maintain the tone she helped set for 26 years. Dawn will be greatly missed by everyone at Tri-Main,” said Tri-Main Development President, Matt Wolfe.